F.W. De Clerk / July, 2000
" Dear Mrs. Kosagan. My wife & I would like to thank you for the friendship extended to
us during our recent visit to Istanbul.You have really succeeded in opening the heart of
a great city and giving us new insights & perspectives into history of Istanbul & Turkey.
I will surely recommend your services to friends who might decide to visit your great country."



In 2014, Lale received her 25th year certificate of professional tour guiding.
In 2015, Kagan received the same certificate.
Being licensed tour guides for over 25 years, we; Lale & Kagan Kosagan, learned 'one' for sure:
" seeing things from the eyes of our guests ".

Working for others long years, there came a time when we both felt overqualified and started to run our own business, mostly on private basis. First step was designing our web-sites.
There came a time when we were not able to accept all the requests. This was when we decided to establish a team of licensed tour guides; people we know well, who are as good as us. This was the second step.
As a final step, in 2008, we were registered to TURSAB (Turkish Travel Agencies Association) and became KSG Tours & Travel Services.


We do not offer our guests usual travel agent / tour operator services only but also, our own personal services as private tour guides. Our guests know well, we just cannot stay behind walls... must have been doing things right since most of our reservations are direct referrals.

What makes a tour " unique " is the performance of your tour guide !


We are world travellers, ourselves.
Of all those trips, the most comforting tours are the ones we know who our
tour guides would be.
And now, we are able to offer this to our guests.
Guests doing even a single day tour with us, as they receive a confirmation from KSG, allready know who their tour guides are before being met at the
airports, hotels, ports.