Heine Family / Aug, 2003
" Thank you for a wonderful trip & all your help " Tess & Harry
" You are the best, Kagan " Caren
" Kagan, thanks for coffee & lemon " Mark



A most serious competitor she was; as good as me...
I did not know what to do with Lale... so, married her !

That day... this was a study tour to ancient synagogues in Turkey; a tour of 3 days. Lale was in the same bus, always surrounded by others. It was the last day of the trip, a long drive back to Istanbul.
Thinking that she would eventually get back to her seat, I sat down to the next seat, waiting for her, waiting & waiting... and, I was asleep.

I do remember her waking me up, quite angry looking, saying:
" my coat is not your pillow " !!!
Ups, did I really... trying to wake up & saving the moment, words came out
from my mouth:
" hmmm... sorry... just could not resist, your coat smells so nice "

Meanwhile, I am trying to stop myself, expecting her to be more angry, listening to my not-very-cool-words,
she smiled...
pushed me to the side and we had spent the rest of the day talking, all the way back to Istanbul.

We got married two years later.
Ilayda came first, in March 1996; an angel she was, still is.
Then, life interferes.
Melody was born in April 2007; 11 years after Ilayda, breaking all our parenthood skills. She is as if she is from a different manufacturer of a different age, having no matching acts, behaviours to Ilayda... With her, I am learning to be a father again.

yes, being a tour guide, still believes that she is better than me !
Who am I to question...
let our guests decide !!!