Mary Ziergiebel / Nov, 2007
" Dear Kagan, I wanted to let you know how much everyone enjoyed having you as our tour guide for our
3 days in Turkey. I can't tell you how many times people would come up to me on the ship and thank me
for arranging the tours and said how wonderful you were. I spent a lot of time researching Istanbul and
tour guides and when all was said and done, I knew you would be the perfect fit for our group........ “


Starting at 8-9am, finishing around 5pm, covering:
- Hippodrome (Roman-Byzantine, 1700 years old... a short photo stop on route and brief explanations since not much is left to this day),
- Blue Mosque (Ottoman, 400 years old),
- Topkapi Palace & Harem Sections (Ottoman, 500 years old),
- St. / Hagia Sophia (Byzantine, 1500 years old),
- Basilica / Underground Cistern (Byzantine, 1500 years old) and
- Grand / Covered Bazaar (Ottoman, 500 years old).

This may be a walking tour day since
* Hippodrome is 5 minutes walking away from Blue Mosque
* Blue Mosque is 15 minutes walking away from Topkapi Palace
* St. Sophia is 10 minutes walking away from Topkapi Palace
- Basilica Cistern is across the street to St. Sophia
- Grand Bazaar is 15 minutes walking away from Basilica Cistern.

It is one of those days you may expect to get the maximum of your tour guide since in one day only, we are covering Romans, Byzantines, early Turks, Ottomans, Islamic understanding in this country and a bit of modern Turkey.

Please note:
* on Mondays, St. Sophia is not open for visits
- on Tuesdays, Topkapi Palace is not open for visits
- on Fridays, Blue Mosque may not be open for visits due to locals praying inside
- on Sundays, Grand Bazaar is not open for visits.

Our time with you in Grand Bazaar:
Above itinerary does not give you much time for shopping in Grand Bazaar. You may expect our time in Grand Bazaar to be more like an orientation tour. If guests prefer to spend more time in this 500 years old market, an idea may be skipping Harem Section of Topkapi Palace or Basilica Cistern from the above itinerary.