John & Josephine Bush / April, 1989
" Dear Lale, you have been absolutely marvelous.
We thank you very much for your incredible
knowledge and your patient & pleasant character. "


Ladies & Gentlemen,

Most of our guests know us as their private tour guides in Turkey. We are tour guides with an experience over 25 years in Turkish & international markets.

On the other hand, we do, naturally, offer standard travel agency services.
You may of course get in touch with us for:
• volunteer travel consulting services
• hotel arrangements in Istanbul & all around Turkey
• vehicle arrangements of any size (private cars, vans, midibuses & coaches)
• international & domestic airline tickets
• private or group tours of any nature... cultural, religious, deep history oriented, adventure, target based or special interest tours
• incentives & meeting organizations
• professional translation services
• creative ideas & projects

However, may we remind you, what we best do...
still is "tour guiding" !!!

Some of the extreme works we did in life & work so far are:

* Keeping peace in family and running a successful marriage. Such is life but so many friends in our market - married to professional tour guides, are unfortunately seperated now.

* Finding time to grow up with 2 lovely daughters; ages 10 years apart.

* Arranging 24 Porsches for a treasure hunt, starting from Istanbul, ending in Cappadocia. This was a 4 days trip with accommodations in best available hotels and we received 40-50 speeding tickets only !

* Our Harley classics of course... we did this a few times but in 2014, we truly were the kings of the roads: 64 Harleys, catering & grilling for over 90 guests, spending the nights over in tents in more isolated areas, mostly by lake sides.

* May 24th, 2014:
Mostly on private basis, 27 city tours in the same day... 27 tour guides and all the operational work... never want to live such a day again !
We tend to stay as a small company not to loose unique personal touch with
guests. This was a day we had broken our principles. Yet, it was a “the others do it - can we do it?” experience. We did it allright but with much less pleasure and more pressure.

* Please do not ask :)) 15 days touring in Turkey with 25 people; heads all wrapped up after having their hair transplantations in different clinics in Istanbul.

* And to us, comes an extreme in relations:
For guests who have allready been with us in Turkey a few times, once in every two years, we offer alternating trips to Turkey, all before Christmas. So far, we did Morocco, Egypt and Thailand.
These were selected as destinations since in above countries, we can move as comfortable as we move in Turkey. Such trips are like family reunions to us and we are aware, we should make these more often but please understand, we are so very busy over here.
Next is India and yes yes, we will do Egypt one more time !