Posted to Cruise Critics Message Boards / June 2001
" We used Kagan in Kusadasi and were very pleased. His knowledge was excellent, he has even worked on
the dig at Ephesus. He really tailored our tour for our group meeting all our needs and took us to an out of
the way place for lunch - not a touristy spot. He even took us to a Mosque where he had an imam talk to us.
It was very interesting and a day well spent. He has been highly recommended on this board. "


Highlights of Ephesus area are:
- Ephesus,
- Terrace Houses of Ephesus,
- House of Virgin Mary,
- Temple of Artemis
and if there is time left
- Museum of Ephesus (a small museum with a fine collection of findings from Ephesus).

There are frequent one hour domestic flights from Istanbul to Izmir and Izmir Airport is appx one hour drive away from Ephesus.
So, with an early departure from Istanbul, highlights of Ephesus area can be covered in a day, yet, ideal is spending the night over and flying back to Istanbul the next morning.

Ephesus is always a major stop for Mediterranean cruise ships.
There are two major ports in the area:
- Kusadasi: an Aegean resort town, appx 15 minutes drive away from Ephesus
- Izmir: a major city of Western Turkey, appx one hour drive away from Ephesus

If you arrive to Kusadasi Port and have allready visited Ephesus,
a strong alternate tour to Ephesus is
covering Miletus, Didyma & Priene.

If your docking is to Izmir Port and allready visited Ephesus,
two strong alternatives are:
* visiting Pergamon
* visiting Sardis and doing a city tour in Izmir.

You may always get in touch with us for further details.