A message posted to Cruise Critics in 2011
“ ... We recently spent two days in Istanbul and you might think that the highlight was possibly
the Sultan's Palace or the Blue Mosque, or the Hagia Sophia, but actually it was our tour guide
Kagan Kosagan. Magically he brought these places to life for us. Along with his vast knowledge,
he adds a dash of drama and fun. We ....... ”


What is there to say about Istanbul...
The city talks for itself...
We; true Istanbulites, feel privileged living in this city.
We; licensed tour guides, have greatest pride in presenting our city to guests.

Sleeping on the Asian continent, spending the rest of the day on the European continent or the other way round...
We; Istanbulites are the people of both continents.

People in Istanbul neither feel European, nor Asian.
We are Istanbulites !
Thousands of years of history and cultural heritage leaves very clear marks on Istanbulites... As we live in a city streching on both continents, profiling people as Europeans or Asians can only be in jokes for true Istanbulites.

Dear guests,
in following pages, you will find 3 sample itineraries as:

These can only be sample itineraries.
Istanbul offers a lot more !
We are very happy shaping your days the way you like days to be.
After all, it is a city of 15 million plus people and was the capital of 3 largest empires in history as Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans.

Come... lets meet where continents meet !!