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Being licensed tour guides for over 30 years, we; Lale & Kagan Kosagan, learned ‘one’ for clear:
” Seeing things from the eyes of our guests “.

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%98 excellence rating

Private tours

Since 1989,
over 10.000 private tours in Istanbul and all around Turkey.

Group tours

Since 1990,
over 600 group tours with tens of different itineraries, all being shaped after corresponding with guests.

International tours

Since 1998,
for guests and friends who had spent time with us in Turkey,
over 50 international tours to countries such as Thailand, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Iran and Greece.

Sample Itineraries

giving an idea about our RATES

Since majority of our tours are on private basis
– meaning to say that guests have a private tour guide and if needed, a private touring vehicle in service,
we do not have set dates, itineraries or any prearranged formats.

Shaping your days is our job, we just believe we will do our job better if we know you a little bit before spending time with you.
When you are with KSG, you know who your tour guide is even before meeting her/him in person. And, when your private tour guides are informed about your interests in advance, their performance and efficiency will be at a higher level.
Being world travelers ourselves, this is something we experienced nearly in all our international travels.

Guests say…

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