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From Suleymaniye, strolling down to market areas of Golden Horn and Taksim district;
Becoming Istanbulites !

This is a walking tour day from 9am to 4pm.

As we meet with guests at the hotel or the port, either we take a taxi or use public transportation to Mosque of Suleyman (Ottoman, 500 years old).
Then comes a walk down to the coast through a very colorful local market.
The far end of this walk is Spice Market (Ottoman, 400 years old).

Arriving to Spice Market, we are now in Golden Horn area.
Walking over the bridge connecting both sides of Golden Horn is like walking between stages of history; from the Old City, to the city of 19th Century.

Next stop is Galata Tower (Byzantine, 600 years old); offering great views of the city in clear days.

Lastly & finally, we walk along a pedestrian street; Beyoglu / Istiklal, loaded with locals at all times, full of shops, local restaurants, cafe houses.
This walk leads us to Taksim area; downtown Istanbul.

As the tour is over, guests may like to stay longer in Taksim area or if not, we will assist you back to the hotel or the port.

Please note:
This is a day for happy walkers since it has long walks but if you can make it, at the end, you will get a very good feel of the city.

As a side note:
The more crowded Istanbul gets, the more bother it is to visit Galata Tower.
This is one of the rare places in Istanbul where our magic cards do not give us much of a privilege since the Tower has only one way in&out, with no separate entrances for guided tours or having no pre-booking systems to bypass the lines.
In times when there are long lines to visit the Tower, we may simply bypass to create time to do other things.

Please get in touch for further details.

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