Steps of life…

Being licensed tour guides for over 30 years, we; Lale & Kagan Kosagan, learned ‘one’ for clear:
” Seeing things from the eyes of our guests “.

Working for others quite some time, there came a time when we both felt overqualified and started to run our own business, mostly on private basis.
First step was designing & publishing our web-sites. This, in our terms, was a success.
We became pioneers since back then, vast majority of tour guides felt more comfortable being hired by travel agencies instead of running their own business.

From the first moment, we tried to give a friendly, relaxing and yet professional enough approach on everything we do.
Now, we have a circle of trust around us. This is chain; a chain of relations… our guests know well, we would never ‘intentionally’ do anything to break that circle of trust. This explains why most of our reservations today are direct referrals.

Then, there was a stage when we were not able to accept many requests since we were always booked.
This is when we formed a ‘team’ of licensed tour guides who are, we believe, as good as us, having similar principles in life, sharing the same values with us. The idea of working as a team, again, in our terms, became a great success.

Finally, as a last step, after some serious operational changes, we turned ourselves to be a fully licensed travel agent / service provider in 2009.
We, now, are KSG Tours & Travel Services.
However, majority of our guests still know as Lale, Kagan Kosagan & Team as their private tour guides.

Well… TripAdvisor keeps on giving us ‘Certificate of Excellence’s.
People talk a lot about us on Cruise Critics; mostly under our name as ‘kosagan’.
For quite some time, Rick Steves recommends us as a suggested service provider in Turkey. Not that we know that gorgeous tourism professional in person, we have not met him even once, however, clearly, he cares about feedbacks coming from travelers.

How good we are really…
Guests are to decide !

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