It is rare that we have set itineraries with pre-set dates.
%90 of what we do are private tours.

Base of our daily private tour guiding services is 350 Euros.
Yet, naturally, this changes depending on
– expert skills of your tour guide (specific knowledge on
particular fields such as art history or long years of experience, etc)
– number of guests in your party

Majority of our work load is:
* daily tours in Istanbul
* daily tours in Kusadasi / Ephesus area
* tours in Turkey

* Tours in Istanbul:
The city offers a good public transportation system
and we love doing walking tours in Istanbul – as long as guests are happy walkers.
To better shape your days, when you are in touch with us, please let us know
– number of guests in your party
– number of days you wish to be with us.
– name or the location of the hotel you will be staying in Istanbul

* Ephesus tours
Since Ephesus is a highlight of Turkey and a major cruise ship stop,
two of our tour guides are stationed in the area – sometimes backed by our Istanbul team.
This is a day we need a private vehicle to be in service since distances are too long to walk.
Please check our
– Ephesus page
to get basic information.

* Tours in Cappadocia
Sometimes backed by our Istanbul team but we have only one tour guide stationed in Cappadocia.
We suggest our guests to get in touch with us as soon as possible if Cappadocia is in travel plans.
Please check our
– Cappadocia page to get basic information.

* Tours in Turkey
There are no day limitations, no set itineraries, no set dates.
Just let us know
– number of days you plan to dedicate for Turkey
– number of guests in your party
– any specific interests, we will come up with an itinerary offering best use of your time in our country.
Please check our
– Turkey Gifted and
– Turkey Best pages, to get an idea about some sample itineraries.

Overall, please get in touch for rates, details.
We love to talk, all questions are most welcome.

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